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Title: BATIK
Authors: Радченко, О.
Keywords: mother`s hobby
painting on a natural silk
popular types
typ hot
typ cold
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2016
Abstract: I was born in the family of artists and I definitely appreciate art. Today i want to tell you about my mother`s hobby. Her activity is painting on a natural silk named batik. There are several popular types: hot and cold. My mother makes marvelous handmade works of cold batik. What is the difference? The pattern in hot batik creates from melted wax. We get the picture after dyeing and removing wax from it. Another technique is used in cold batik. A special backup composition is used for creation the outline, it is cold that is why it prevents bleeding. After creating the outline, the fabric dye into specific color. Next, ready-made work steams at high temperature under heavy pressure. Finally, you wash and iron batik. As a result, you get a sumptuous work, which you can wear with pleasure. Batik is an antique, astonishing art, which was developed by diverse nations: the Indians, the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Peruvians and others. There was a ceremony on Indonesian islands when frescoed fabric was used for worshipping god. Up to now, they believe in magic power of batik. Usually batik was considered to be as a women`s hobby. Nowadays it appropriates for both genders. Personally for me, i appreciate such kind of art, and i have tried it once. Believe me, it is unbelievably hard work, but it worth of the great result. Batik was found many centuries ago, nevertheless it is popular nowadays. And one more, Aristotle said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Hope you like my speech, thanks for attention.
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