The AJP Connector

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The AJP Connector element represents a Connector component that communicates with a web connector via the AJP protocol. This is used for cases where you wish to invisibly integrate Tomcat into an existing (or new) Apache installation, and you want Apache to handle the static content contained in the web application, and/or utilize Apache's SSL processing.

This connector supports load balancing when used in conjunction with the jvmRoute attribute of the Engine.

The native connectors supported with this Tomcat release are:

  • JK 1.2.x with any of the supported servers. See the JK docs for details.
  • mod_proxy on Apache httpd 2.x (included by default in Apache HTTP Server 2.2), with AJP enabled: see the httpd docs for details.

Other native connectors supporting AJP may work, but are no longer supported.


Common Attributes

All implementations of Connector support the following attributes:

Attribute Description

A boolean value which can be used to enable or disable sending AJP flush messages to the fronting proxy whenever an explicit flush happens. The default value is true.
An AJP flush message is a SEND_BODY_CHUNK packet with no body content. Proxy implementations like mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp will flush the data buffered in the web server to the client when they receive such a packet. Setting this to false can reduce AJP packet traffic but might delay sending packets to the client. At the end of the response, AJP does always flush to the client.